Become a Brand Influencer

Brand influencer

Show off your 40Nine watch and make money doing it!

We pay high commissions for referral collaborations.

We are looking for social influencers with wide social appeal and will pay 20% commission to qualified individuals! 

When you wear your 40Nine watch, do people tell you how much they love it?  Do they ask where you got it from?  Wouldn't you love to make commission every time one of your referrals purchases a 40Nine watch?  Fill out the form below to apply to become a brand ambassador.  In return, we'll pay you when your referral purchases our products!


In the message section, please specify that you would like more information on becoming a brand ambassador.  Please note any qualifications you may possess, including (but not limited to): Strong social media presence, personal blog/website with subscribers, vlog, other direct sales experience, etc...

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