How to Choose Watches That Accentuate Your Eclectic Style

When fashion lovers say eclectic style, what they actually mean is finding a unique and stylish look from a combination of different collections. Basically, if you want to shine your way with an eclectic fashion look, it means getting clothes and accessories from different sources.

With these multiple sources to choose from, you must be bold enough to come out of your comfort zone and create a look of your own. If you ask the experts in fashion and style, an eclectic style has nothing to do with conventional or traditional fashion but has everything to do with different clothes and different accessories that are all put together to give you a stunning look.

You can actually mix and match different outfits that you have in your closet. So, if you are worried about spending some money (that you probably don’t have) on new outfits, you can have your eclectic look from stuff that you already have. For example, you can find a good top to pair with a pair of jeans with pieces that you already have in your closet. Vintage jewelry will also complement your look as accessories and so will a trendy hairstyle or haircut.

But because most people pay attention to clothes and little attention to vintage jewelry that is perfect for an eclectic style, this post is meant to shed some light into the whole idea of accessorizing an eclectic look. So, (please) read on…

For starters, we can’t deny the fact that jewelry is important in completing a look, eclectic or otherwise. Therefore, to ensure that you have the right kind of jewelry for your look, here are some jewelry choicesthat you will have to make:

  • Dramatic earrings – Need to draw some attention to the face too? Dramatic earrings are a good choice because they will also give people a reason to admire your face and not just how your body looks in your choice of clothes. And furthermore, for a look to be complete, you need to work from the tip of your head to the soles of your feet.
  • Eclectic large watches – Most of the things that you will need for an eclectic style are things that you already have in your home. However, it would not break a bone to go online and buy a classy eclectic watch to complement your overall look. As we all know, watches are fashionable and they never go out of fashion.
  • Easily noticeable rings and cufflinks – Men can also be part of the eclectic style. And what better way to spice up their look than with classy rings and cufflinks? On the other hand, bangles and bracelets, pendants and sunglasses are also perfect for the eclectic style-conscious woman.

The good news is that when it comes to accessorizing your eclectic look, you don’t have to go for new things. You can pick clothes from your closet or you can wear your grandmothers old ring that was passed on to you. The look works with what you have and you do not have to strain your expenses with new clothes and/or jewelry. However, if you have the money and are willing to find the finest clothes and accessories from different sources, then why not! Enjoy.

November 28, 2017 — Greg Minassian