The new 3MM Yoga rubber bead bracelets!

August 19th 2020

Our new 3MM Rubber bead yoga bracelets are on there way to America.

For the first time ever we will introduce this bracelets for sell in a few days.

We made them at first in 5 colors, Dove, Black, Red, Scuba and yellow.

They are just beautiful and very petite,You can wear one or more at the time stock 

them any way you like, We made them in 6 sizes from 6"-8.5".

The small sizes 6" and 6.5" are small to fit teens.

The bigger sizes go up to fit mens and also act as anklet bracelets for womens.

Retail price $18






August 19, 2020 — Carson Collaborator
Elements by 40nine

Elements by 40nine

The Bracelets

For a long time I had the idea of making jewelry out of silicon rubber, I love the material we use it in making our 40nine watch straps.

The feel is extraordinary very soft feel like a babe skin. Coloros flexibility is amazing.

I just didn't have the concept, Now I do!

My first was to make bead bracelets in 3mm using silicon rubber.

I wanted a bracelet that will be very petite and easy to were but projects style and balance like Yoga.

Easier said than done, No one manufacturer 3mm silicone rubber beads. The smallest size they make is 9mm.

I asked how can I make my beads? Make a mold was the replay.

We made the mold but wanted to see the quality and capability of the manufacturer so we decided to start with 9mm beads while we are waiting for our coveted 3mm silicone rubber beads.   

The results are here and the best part is the price bracelets are $14 and Necklaces are $28 in 10 colors and 5-6 sizes for the bracelets and 3 sizes for the necklaces.

More colors sizes and designs will be created as we plan to expend our collections.

Raphael Cohen


Shop the collection


5 Bracelets

August 09, 2020 — Raphael Cohen
An Athlete’s Guide to Buying the Best Sports and Fitness Watch

An Athlete’s Guide to Buying the Best Sports and Fitness Watch

In the world of athletics and fitness, everyone, even the most gifted, understands the importance of performance metrics. Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer or a speed car racer, a sports watch is an important accessory that you need to have with you. The watch is designed to help you know your performance speed, the distance traveled, altitude, and above all your heart rate.

Therefore, sports watches have proven to be very crucial in an athlete’s life. But because the market has a lot to offer when it comes to sports watches, you might have a difficult time finding the right watch, especially if it is your first time getting one. This post is therefore meant to give you some tips on how to find the right watch (particularly a multisport one) for your sports career.

  • Find a water-resistant watch – Being an athlete means being exposed to different climates and different temperatures. Snow, ice, rain, sweat are can be part of your sporting environment, so you need a watch that will be able to function in all kinds of environments. Moreover, if you are a swimmer, this kind of watch would be the best watch for you to know how you are performing in the water.
  • Find a watch that is readable – You might have the coolest water-resistant watch in the world but it doesn’t make any sense if the watch is not legible. Though most sports watches have high contrast displays and big numerals, it is important that you pay attention to the watch’s legibility before making a purchase.
  • Consider the watch’s battery life – Sports watches come with either rechargeable or replaceable batteries. On the other hand, there are good watch batteries that are rechargeable but also replaceable in case they lose their ability to hold power. So, choose your sports watch battery depending on your own preference.
  • Find a watch that has important features for your sporty life – A heart-rate monitor, activity tracker, GPS tracking features, and speed and distance features are just but a few of the most important features to look out for when shopping for a sports watch.

For example, the heart rate monitor is important because it helps you know how effective your sessions are while the speed and distance monitors will tell you how long your activity has lasted in terms of distance and speed.

  • Last of all, find a watch that fits your budget – One of the biggest mistakes that we all make when we go shopping is failing for stick to our budgets. Therefore, when shopping for a sports watch, have a budget and stick to it. This way, you will have a certain range and you will have an easy time choosing watches that fit your budget.

With that said, be sure to do your research, check for variety of offers on different watches, consult different suppliers, and find a sports watch that meets your needs.

November 28, 2017 — Greg Minassian
Spice Up Your Child’s Look with a Fashion Watch Accessory

Spice Up Your Child’s Look with a Fashion Watch Accessory

In this day and age, fashion is something that we are all embracing. From the old to the young, fashion is that particular trend that is prevailing and even the children in these modern days are inclined towards fashion. Basically, everyone wants to look cool and fashionable irrespective of their age.

Children in particular are the most conscious about fashion trends and a great majority of them have started to develop some feelings about how smart they look. But apart from good clothes and nice shoes, cool haircuts and adorable hairstyles, fashion watches are a good addition to a child’s fashion look. Yes, watches are a good accessory to complement a child’s look but the truth is, not so many parents have been paying attention to finding watches for their children.

When it comes to giving your child that trendy look, you can finish up their look with stylish watches for kids. Fortunately, there are countless watch manufacturers that are making colorful, playful and alluring watches for children indifferent age groups. From toddlers to school going kids, there is something for everyone! And this is how:

  • Children watches come in different sizes – Different children can be attracted to different watch sizes, with some of them going for smaller watches while others would go for bigger sizes. The good news is that there are different sizes to choose from depending on the size or age of your child and of course depending on the child’s preferences.
  • There are different watches for boys and girls – When children are growing up, they need stuff that complement their sex. For example, blue snow-white watches would attract the gild child while the black or red Mickey Mouse watches would definitely catch the attention of the boy child. Luckily for you, there is wide variety of children watches to choose from for your boys and/or girls.
  • There are different stylish watches for children that have colorful and bright dials. The watches also have pictures of different cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Tom and Jerry, Sofia the first, Spiderman and so many more. If your child is a cartoon fanatic, then a fashion watch with a picture of their favorite cartoon character will give them a good look and keep them connected to their favorite cartoon.
  • Most children watches are automatic and don’t require a battery recharge or replacement. Kinetic watches are very common for children because unlike other types of watches, they operate on movement and do not need a battery.

With that said, children will be attracted to watches that they can relate with. Therefore, with the numerous brands available in the market, you need to find something that pleases your child and not you. As a matter of fact, if you want your child to feel stylish and up to date, you should consider bringing them with you when you go watch shopping. This way, they will have the freedom to choose what pleases them and what they would feel comfortable wearing.

November 28, 2017 — Greg Minassian
Why Wrist Watches Are a Must-Have Accessory for Both Men and Women

Why Wrist Watches Are a Must-Have Accessory for Both Men and Women

When it comes to fashion and style, we all have a different opinions on what looks good on us and what doesn’t. However, when it comes to choosing what is important in showing our fashion sense and style, wrist watches are definitely a must-have in the list.

So, whether you are looking for accessories that will impress your friends or you are simply looking for finer jewelry pieces to reinvent your fashion style, then watches are the perfect piece that you need. Other than telling the time, there are a whole lot of benefits of wearing a watch. Below are some of them:

  • Watches are a decent fashion accessory for the men and the women – There is a wide variety of jewelry pieces to choose from. However, when looking for pieces that are perfect for both men and women, there is not so much that the market has to offer.

Nonetheless, wrist watches are some of the most popular jewelry pieces for both men and women. Children also have pieces to enjoy because there is also a wide variety of kids watches to choose from. So, basically, watches are a perfect accessory for everyone.

  • You can have more than one piece – Just like clothes or shoes, you can have more than one type of watch. If you are a collector of items that bring beauty into this life, then wrist watches would be great pieces for you. From basic small watches, to big watches, eclectic watches, children watches, and fashion or stylish watches, you have a whole lot of choices to play with when it comes to choosing watches.

So, you can have a watch for your casual look and a different choice of watch for your official look. You also can have a different choice of watch (sports watch) for your training and fitness journey.

  • Watches will help you keep time – Keeping time is something that most people struggle with. And because checking your phone over and over because you want to know what time it is can be quite unethical, especially in the workplace, the best way to ensure that you are time-conscious is by wearing a watch.

Other than complementing your look, watches will help you schedule meetings on time, have work done on time and generally keep you aware of time.

  • Watches can be part of your identity – Our identity is defined by things about us that are visual. And because watches are noticeable, classy and fashionable, they can become part of your identity. For example, if you are a classy working-class fashion guru, then you can have a stylish watch to go with your look. All you need to do is to find a watch that suits your character or personal style and you are good to go.

All in all, watches will boost your confidence, spice up your look and keep you time conscious. However, when choosing a watch, you need to look at different suppliers so that you can have more options to look at.

November 28, 2017 — Greg Minassian
How to Choose Watches That Accentuate Your Eclectic Style

How to Choose Watches That Accentuate Your Eclectic Style

When fashion lovers say eclectic style, what they actually mean is finding a unique and stylish look from a combination of different collections. Basically, if you want to shine your way with an eclectic fashion look, it means getting clothes and accessories from different sources.

With these multiple sources to choose from, you must be bold enough to come out of your comfort zone and create a look of your own. If you ask the experts in fashion and style, an eclectic style has nothing to do with conventional or traditional fashion but has everything to do with different clothes and different accessories that are all put together to give you a stunning look.

You can actually mix and match different outfits that you have in your closet. So, if you are worried about spending some money (that you probably don’t have) on new outfits, you can have your eclectic look from stuff that you already have. For example, you can find a good top to pair with a pair of jeans with pieces that you already have in your closet. Vintage jewelry will also complement your look as accessories and so will a trendy hairstyle or haircut.

But because most people pay attention to clothes and little attention to vintage jewelry that is perfect for an eclectic style, this post is meant to shed some light into the whole idea of accessorizing an eclectic look. So, (please) read on…

For starters, we can’t deny the fact that jewelry is important in completing a look, eclectic or otherwise. Therefore, to ensure that you have the right kind of jewelry for your look, here are some jewelry choicesthat you will have to make:

  • Dramatic earrings – Need to draw some attention to the face too? Dramatic earrings are a good choice because they will also give people a reason to admire your face and not just how your body looks in your choice of clothes. And furthermore, for a look to be complete, you need to work from the tip of your head to the soles of your feet.
  • Eclectic large watches – Most of the things that you will need for an eclectic style are things that you already have in your home. However, it would not break a bone to go online and buy a classy eclectic watch to complement your overall look. As we all know, watches are fashionable and they never go out of fashion.
  • Easily noticeable rings and cufflinks – Men can also be part of the eclectic style. And what better way to spice up their look than with classy rings and cufflinks? On the other hand, bangles and bracelets, pendants and sunglasses are also perfect for the eclectic style-conscious woman.

The good news is that when it comes to accessorizing your eclectic look, you don’t have to go for new things. You can pick clothes from your closet or you can wear your grandmothers old ring that was passed on to you. The look works with what you have and you do not have to strain your expenses with new clothes and/or jewelry. However, if you have the money and are willing to find the finest clothes and accessories from different sources, then why not! Enjoy.

November 28, 2017 — Greg Minassian
How to Buy Watches That Suit Your Style and Personality? Here's What You Should Know!

How to Buy Watches That Suit Your Style and Personality? Here's What You Should Know!

People who are fond of watches shall check every possible store and compare all the websites before choosing the best option available. At 40Nine watches, all different kinds of watches are available at reasonable prices and the products are of immensely good quality. At 40Nine watches, you can shop for watches as this is a very reliable store for the same. The services offered by this online shop are worth praise and has received excellent user reviews so far.


Features of 40Nine watches


40Nine watches is an American company which deals in outstanding watches that have their unique appeal, elegance, and style. Some of the exceptional features of the watches of 40Nine watches are-

  • They are made of the best quality.
  • They are sturdy and durable.
  • They are water resistant.
  • Only the skilled designers work on them.


Branded watches are expensive to buy very often. However, here at,, the watches will not at all appear costly to you. Moreover, people are ready to spend money on quality items. 40Nine watches are sure not to dissatisfy you with their services.


The website launches discount offers on a regular basis for their customers on their best available designs. Very few websites selling watches give such offers and discounts.


Inner mechanism and external appearance


We have so far talked about the outer appearance of 40Nine watches, but when we come to discuss the technology and mechanics of the watches sold on this website, it leaves us spellbound. The watches at made of advanced and reliable technology which makes them really unique. While all watches are made up of quartz movement, 40Nine watches are made of Japanese quartz movements which are known to have the smoothest movements. This brand is famous as one of the best-selling watches with accurate movements. You are sure to miss one of the best available items on the market if you plan to skip looking through 40Nine watches. 


Daily use watches


40 nine watches make watches that you can wear every day for rough use. Naturally, such watches need to be designed in such a manner that one can wear it with all sorts of outfits. You will surely satisfy yourself if you search for such items on this website. You are sure to fall in love with the vast collection at this site.


Amazing services


When it comes to the services, 40Nine watches provide the best available services to its customers. They have the option of delivering ordered goods to all convenient places within a very short span of time. Moreover, they provide products at decidedly less or at minimum shipping charges. It makes 40Nine watches one of the most trusted websites for buying the latest and trendy watches.




The watches at 40nine watches are available at affordable prices, and you will surely not regret the choice. The watches at this store come with the warranty of repair, and thus any damage is sure to be repaired by them.


Thus, it is recommended to the people who are very fond of watches shall surely once check this website before you opt for other options.

October 25, 2017 — Greg Minassian
Take a Look at The Most Desirable Watches of 2017 to Add Them to Your Collection!

Take a Look at The Most Desirable Watches of 2017 to Add Them to Your Collection!

People always like to follow the latest trends when it comes to fashion and accessories. Everyone wants to have the latest products and designs that are available in the market. One such fashion accessory which attracts the buyers is the wristwatch. Watches serve a purpose of giving the information of time and many more features like date and time as well as they also define the style statement of an individual.


Finish your makeover with a stylish looking watch


A good looking and stylish watch can always give that extra touch to the attire of a person. Watches are worn by people of every age group and gender. Kids and teenagers like to wear mostly sports watches. Men have their different choice of watches which includes classic, chronographs, luxury, and designer. Women want to wear designer and jeweler watch in general. Latest trends in watches include simple, minimal watches, funky mechanism chronographs, flat cases, visible mechanics, textile wristbands. The combination of a black dial with any watch is trendy among men these days. With such diversity available among the watches it becomes essential to select the one that could match one's personality.


Myriad range of trendy options


With so many options and designs available in the market it always becomes a tough job to choose the right one for an individual. Also with the trends changing from time to time, it is hard to keep track of the designs which are more popular on a given date. When it comes to choosing the right watch, which meets the needs of the ever-changing fashion and also easy on the pocket, comes with a solution to this headache. This site is operated by universal watch company of Nevada.


Huge collection at its best


40nine provides various collections of latest and trendy watches. The company suggests design ideas to their suppliers from time to time and alters their designs and products according to the customer satisfaction. The design is very cool and sporty, and the items are available in different vibrant colors.The watches provided by them come majorly in 3 sizes for both men and women that are 35mm, 43mm and 45mm. All the watches have passed a water resistance test up to 50 meters. Al the watches are priced at an incredibly affordable price of $49 except the ‘Chrono Sport' which is priced at $99. Some of the categories that are provided on the site are basic small, basic large, eclectic, medium, large, extra-large, Chrono sport, and youth. 


Unique watches just for you!


40Nine provides desk clocks which have a very stylish design and they glow in the dark – the hands and markers. The youth and the eclectic category have some very colorful and fashionable design watches which are very popular among the teenage and younger customers. The standout product of the company is the one hand ‘Solo' watch. This watch has one hand timepiece that tells time in the increments of 5 minutes. This watch comes in the size of 43 mm and has performance stainless steel screw-down case with silicone rubber strap. The watches are also available offline at numerous stores across the United States.

October 25, 2017 — Greg Minassian
Give Your Wrist a Unique Look With Trendy Watches

Give Your Wrist a Unique Look With Trendy Watches

Watches are an essential fashion agenda in our daily lives. Be it students, teenagers, corporate people or people belonging to any other profession; they consider it very important to wear a watch in their wrists. Different people have the distinct fascination for watches. It is the love for watches which has made the various watch-making companies launch wide ranges of watches in the market nowadays. In short, we cannot deny the fact that watches add elegance and attitude to your fashion statement. They give you an optimistic outlook. The market keeps on launching watch designs every now and then, which become the latest trends of fashion.


Latest and trendy watches


There are many types of watches that are in trend nowadays. The different kinds of watches that are popularly used by all ages of people are chronograph wristwatches, chronograph sports watches, lifestyle watches, titanium sports watches, fashion watches, mechanical watches and much more.


Large dial watches


Nowadays, watches with large dials are trendy among the youngsters. The youth claims that these watches are unique and stylish in their own way. Earlier, wristwatches with large dials were popular among all age groups. However, as it happens with fashion trends, it keeps on rotating and changing and like a circle the older trends again become the latest ones. Similarly, watches with large dials that were once in style, and have become the newest trend among youngsters nowadays. 


What makes these watches with large dials so unique amongst others?

  • Anything large is noticed among other things very easily. They can be spotted easily, and it looks magnificent as well.
  • A large size always attracts the user manifold. Once the user is used to using large things, they wish to use items or goods of smaller sizes vanishes. People aim of achieving great heights in life. So is their wish in case of petty watches.
  • People in our society love to go with the trend. They follow film stars and other famous figures and try adopting their styles and trends. So, if any film or sports stars are spotted wearing watches with large dials, it draws the attention of the general mass, and that becomes the trend.


Where can you get the best large watches?


One of the best hubs where you can check out a vast collection of wrist watches with large, magnificent and trendy dials is


Apart from the watches mentioned above, 40nine watches offer you a varied collection of watches that are undoubtedly eye-catching and are fashionable. Fashion watches are worth mentioning at this online store as they present to you the latest and most beautiful designs which make your wrist look incredibly gorgeous. They have a sexy appeal altogether which attracts its buyers.


When it comes to sports watches, the best options are available with 40nine, and these watches are made in such a manner so that they can withstand the physical damages and bruises they can go through in the middle of a game. They are made water-resistant so that they are spoiled due to rain.


Watches are not too expensive if you shop with, where watches are available at pocket-friendly prices.

October 24, 2017 — Greg Minassian
Why You Should Invest in a Good Quality Watch Today!

Why You Should Invest in a Good Quality Watch Today!

An outfit is never complete without accessories. They add that extra spark and give you tons of personality. For men, the ultimate accessory is a watch. Not only does it tell the time, it does some other useful things such as telling you the date, being a stop watch and completing your outfit in an excellent manner. There are many types of watches. They can be categorized according to their cost, style, mechanism and technology. As long as the watch provides you with the information that you desire and complements your style, it is a must have. Today, we all walk around with smartphones that tell us the time. Therefore, it is common to some men say that they don't wear a watch because they have a phone. A watch is dedicated to telling the time and thus should be worn even if you have a phone. There are many reasons why modern men should wear watches. Read on to discover them.


A watch is highly convenient


A watch on your wrist is the easiest way to tell the time. At a glance, you can tell what time it is. If you had to do the same from a phone, you would have to first fish it out of our pocket or your bag. Depending on your outfit, this can be a hassle. A wrist watch is elegant and classy. You can use it to tell or keep track of the time as a meeting is going on. If you had to do the same using a phone, it would be very rude to the other people sharing the space with you. Also, there are some situations where it is proper decorum to conceal your phone. Examples are in church, at a funeral or even during a date. During these occasions, your wristwatch comes in very handy. As such, it is a convenient accessory to have.


It is a very functional accessory


Any item that has been inspired by military personnel is a functional item. Wristwatches were first used in the 19th century by soldiers. They used them to synchronize their maneuvers in the battlefield. Since then, it has been adapted by various professionals to perform a host of special functions. Divers use some specially designed wristwatches to descend hundreds of meters under the sea. These watches inform them of how many minutes of oxygen they have left as well as other details such as the atmospheric pressure that they are experiencing. Pilots also use wristwatches for the purpose of navigation and to tell the time across the various time zones of the world.


A major advantage of wristwatches over phones is that they are much more durable in the field. Good quality wrist watches can survive torrents of rain, knocks and scrapes. Moreover, they do not require frequent charging. Some watches are powered by the motion of your hand while others derive power from a battery. Except for a little wiping with a damp cloth every few days, a wristwatch is virtually maintenance free. Compared to a phone, it can survive environmental conditions much better.


One of the variants of wristwatches is called a complicated watch. This is one that has been built with more features than just telling the time. These special features are known as complications. A popular complication is the chronograph. This one allows the watch to have stopwatch ability. Another one is the moon phase complication. This one displays the lunar phase in the watch. These complications keep you well informed of your surroundings at just one glance.


Wristwatches are simply elegant


The most attractive wristwatches do not utilize the latest technology. They use an intricate system of clockwork to inform you of the time. This system of cogs predates electricity itself. Therefore, when you wear an automatic, minimalist watch, you are walking with a piece of highly valuable history on your wrist. A wristwatch also simply does its job, to tell you the time. Unlike a phone that will attract you to fiddle with a collection of applications, a wrist watch tells you exactly what you need to know without attracting you to do anything else.


They are very stylish


Wristwatches are designed in such a way that they are an attractive accessory. Men do not have much leeway to wear many accessories at the same time. The most they can do is wear a stylish pair of cufflinks, a watch and a wedding ring if they are married. Therefore, they can take advantage of the opportunity to wear a wristwatch and don one that indicates their personal style. Wristwatches indicate the personality of the man wearing them. They can show if a man prefers high class taste, is sporty, if he is an outdoorsman or if he is artistic. There is a style of wristwatch for every man. In addition to style, it indicates maturity. A well known saying is that boys check their phones for the time while men refer to their watches.




There are various designs and styles of wristwatches. These make the watch tell the time or even so much more. The above points indicate why you should wear one whenever you can. To a man, the wristwatch is a timeless accessory.

October 21, 2017 — Greg Minassian