Spice Up Your Child’s Look with a Fashion Watch Accessory

Spice Up Your Child’s Look with a Fashion Watch Accessory

In this day and age, fashion is something that we are all embracing. From the old to the young, fashion is that particular trend that is prevailing and even the children in these modern days are inclined towards fashion. Basically, everyone wants to look cool and fashionable irrespective of their age.

Children in particular are the most conscious about fashion trends and a great majority of them have started to develop some feelings about how smart they look. But apart from good clothes and nice shoes, cool haircuts and adorable hairstyles, fashion watches are a good addition to a child’s fashion look. Yes, watches are a good accessory to complement a child’s look but the truth is, not so many parents have been paying attention to finding watches for their children.

When it comes to giving your child that trendy look, you can finish up their look with stylish watches for kids. Fortunately, there are countless watch manufacturers that are making colorful, playful and alluring watches for children indifferent age groups. From toddlers to school going kids, there is something for everyone! And this is how:

  • Children watches come in different sizes – Different children can be attracted to different watch sizes, with some of them going for smaller watches while others would go for bigger sizes. The good news is that there are different sizes to choose from depending on the size or age of your child and of course depending on the child’s preferences.
  • There are different watches for boys and girls – When children are growing up, they need stuff that complement their sex. For example, blue snow-white watches would attract the gild child while the black or red Mickey Mouse watches would definitely catch the attention of the boy child. Luckily for you, there is wide variety of children watches to choose from for your boys and/or girls.
  • There are different stylish watches for children that have colorful and bright dials. The watches also have pictures of different cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Tom and Jerry, Sofia the first, Spiderman and so many more. If your child is a cartoon fanatic, then a fashion watch with a picture of their favorite cartoon character will give them a good look and keep them connected to their favorite cartoon.
  • Most children watches are automatic and don’t require a battery recharge or replacement. Kinetic watches are very common for children because unlike other types of watches, they operate on movement and do not need a battery.

With that said, children will be attracted to watches that they can relate with. Therefore, with the numerous brands available in the market, you need to find something that pleases your child and not you. As a matter of fact, if you want your child to feel stylish and up to date, you should consider bringing them with you when you go watch shopping. This way, they will have the freedom to choose what pleases them and what they would feel comfortable wearing.

November 28, 2017 — Greg Minassian
Why Wrist Watches Are a Must-Have Accessory for Both Men and Women

Why Wrist Watches Are a Must-Have Accessory for Both Men and Women

When it comes to fashion and style, we all have a different opinions on what looks good on us and what doesn’t. However, when it comes to choosing what is important in showing our fashion sense and style, wrist watches are definitely a must-have in the list.

So, whether you are looking for accessories that will impress your friends or you are simply looking for finer jewelry pieces to reinvent your fashion style, then watches are the perfect piece that you need. Other than telling the time, there are a whole lot of benefits of wearing a watch. Below are some of them:

  • Watches are a decent fashion accessory for the men and the women – There is a wide variety of jewelry pieces to choose from. However, when looking for pieces that are perfect for both men and women, there is not so much that the market has to offer.

Nonetheless, wrist watches are some of the most popular jewelry pieces for both men and women. Children also have pieces to enjoy because there is also a wide variety of kids watches to choose from. So, basically, watches are a perfect accessory for everyone.

  • You can have more than one piece – Just like clothes or shoes, you can have more than one type of watch. If you are a collector of items that bring beauty into this life, then wrist watches would be great pieces for you. From basic small watches, to big watches, eclectic watches, children watches, and fashion or stylish watches, you have a whole lot of choices to play with when it comes to choosing watches.

So, you can have a watch for your casual look and a different choice of watch for your official look. You also can have a different choice of watch (sports watch) for your training and fitness journey.

  • Watches will help you keep time – Keeping time is something that most people struggle with. And because checking your phone over and over because you want to know what time it is can be quite unethical, especially in the workplace, the best way to ensure that you are time-conscious is by wearing a watch.

Other than complementing your look, watches will help you schedule meetings on time, have work done on time and generally keep you aware of time.

  • Watches can be part of your identity – Our identity is defined by things about us that are visual. And because watches are noticeable, classy and fashionable, they can become part of your identity. For example, if you are a classy working-class fashion guru, then you can have a stylish watch to go with your look. All you need to do is to find a watch that suits your character or personal style and you are good to go.

All in all, watches will boost your confidence, spice up your look and keep you time conscious. However, when choosing a watch, you need to look at different suppliers so that you can have more options to look at.

November 28, 2017 — Greg Minassian
How to Buy Watches That Suit Your Style and Personality? Here's What You Should Know!

How to Buy Watches That Suit Your Style and Personality? Here's What You Should Know!

People who are fond of watches shall check every possible store and compare all the websites before choosing the best option available. At 40Nine watches, all different kinds of watches are available at reasonable prices and the products are of immensely good quality. At 40Nine watches, you can shop for watches as this is a very reliable store for the same. The services offered by this online shop are worth praise and has received excellent user reviews so far.


Features of 40Nine watches


40Nine watches is an American company which deals in outstanding watches that have their unique appeal, elegance, and style. Some of the exceptional features of the watches of 40Nine watches are-

  • They are made of the best quality.
  • They are sturdy and durable.
  • They are water resistant.
  • Only the skilled designers work on them.


Branded watches are expensive to buy very often. However, here at, https://40nine.com/, the watches will not at all appear costly to you. Moreover, people are ready to spend money on quality items. 40Nine watches are sure not to dissatisfy you with their services.


The website launches discount offers on a regular basis for their customers on their best available designs. Very few websites selling watches give such offers and discounts.


Inner mechanism and external appearance


We have so far talked about the outer appearance of 40Nine watches, but when we come to discuss the technology and mechanics of the watches sold on this website, it leaves us spellbound. The watches at https://40nine.com/ made of advanced and reliable technology which makes them really unique. While all watches are made up of quartz movement, 40Nine watches are made of Japanese quartz movements which are known to have the smoothest movements. This brand is famous as one of the best-selling watches with accurate movements. You are sure to miss one of the best available items on the market if you plan to skip looking through 40Nine watches. 


Daily use watches


40 nine watches make watches that you can wear every day for rough use. Naturally, such watches need to be designed in such a manner that one can wear it with all sorts of outfits. You will surely satisfy yourself if you search for such items on this website. You are sure to fall in love with the vast collection at this site.


Amazing services


When it comes to the services, 40Nine watches provide the best available services to its customers. They have the option of delivering ordered goods to all convenient places within a very short span of time. Moreover, they provide products at decidedly less or at minimum shipping charges. It makes 40Nine watches one of the most trusted websites for buying the latest and trendy watches.




The watches at 40nine watches are available at affordable prices, and you will surely not regret the choice. The watches at this store come with the warranty of repair, and thus any damage is sure to be repaired by them.


Thus, it is recommended to the people who are very fond of watches shall surely once check this website before you opt for other options.

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What Makes Watches With Large Dials So Popular Among Customers?

What Makes Watches With Large Dials So Popular Among Customers?

Today, large diameter watches have become a fashion trend. This kind of watches was preferred long back. However, as well all know that history repeats itself. So, here large dial watches have again come into the fashion today. Now, there is no particular size for these watches. Any watch that comes with a large dial of say 40 mm falls under this category. The size increased with the time. Initially, 37-39 mm was the original size for large dial watches, but slowly it grew. Today, you can even get watches with 45 and 48 mm diameters.

Large diameter watches or small dial wrist watches?

Size is no doubt a hilarious thing. Once we buy something larger, like a larger home, bigger car, more significant television, etc., it becomes difficult to again return to the smaller size. Moreover, it also goes same with the watches. The 36-40mm wide watches are known to be the standard ones. However, the one with 42 mm width falls under the category of large dial watches. Once you develop a taste for the larger ones, you will barely love to use the ones with smaller dials. The diminutive nature of those big dial watches is impeccable, and one can also see the time in a better way. Again, the boldness and visibility also matter a lot.

Small wrist watches look funny

Watch lovers argue about the size when it comes to large dial watches. They compare them with smaller ones who usually look funny when you start wearing again after using large diameter watches for some time. It will look silly as though you are trying to compensate it for something. These watches are available for both men and women. You can check out the many ranges at https://40nine.com/. You can get the watch of our choice here. The prices are moderate and within the range of affordability. It is true that the fashion keeps on changes, but those big dial watches are one of a kind. They are known for being evergreen owing to their unique looks and comfort they offer to the wearer. Large watches are also termed as contemporary or modernly sized watches.

Fashion and timepiece wear

We do not like to admit the fact that fashion trends do play a significant role in determining the watches we wear. In fact, nowadays celebrities have started wearing wrist watches with large dials, which has brought back the old fashion again. During the late 1990s, Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen wearing the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore as well as Sylvester Stallone wearing the Panerai Luminor. This has captured the attention of the masses, which ultimately lead to the fashion of large dial watches. It is said that these watches add bold personality to the wearers. Those guys who have a huge build up can go for purchasing this type of wrist watches as well. They look better on them as compared to small dial watches.

While purchasing makes sure that you choose a branded watch so that it can offer great longevity and pairs well with all kinds of apparels.

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Know The Watch Styles To Select The Watch Of Your Choice

Know The Watch Styles To Select The Watch Of Your Choice

A watch for any occasion is what you can expect in the least when you are shopping for 40Nine watches. Whether you need to wear it for college or office or you want a big eye catching the piece on your wrist during outdoor activities or partying with friends and family, there is something on offer for you when you visit the official website of 40Nine watches. Watches can be expensive but not if you choose 40Nine that have a wide range of choices that can match every kind of budget.

Watches display your taste and style and have a connection to the budget that you have set aside for it. Since styles determine the price, it is therefore important to know the different styles of watches that are currently available, especially for the brand that you are looking for, so that you can narrow down the search and save time. The purpose of using the watch also determines the style like the sports watches or pilots and divers watches.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of the styles.

Sports watches

Sports watches have rugged construction so that it can withstand the heavy stress and strain in the sports arena and the size is big enough to make it prominently visible from a distance. The design is sturdy and takes care of the physical impact that it may have to undergo. The water resistant property of these watches is much higher than what you experience with other types of watches. To suit the needs of sportsmen, some watches have the capabilities of measuring the heart beat rate and a stopwatch feature is quite common. 40Nine Chrono Sport is a typical sport watch that you can buy under $100.

Fashion watches

Watches are fashion accessories, and it is, therefore, natural that some specially designed watches with more emphasis on aesthetics constitute fashion watches. These watches capture the style of the times and are most trendy in its appeal, inspired by current style trends.  The watch designs are highly innovative that help to stand out from the crowd. The price range of these watches is usually moderate to allow buyers to indulge in several pieces to mix and match with different outfits. Most of the 40Nine watches fit into this category, and the price is actually affordable being under $50 on average.

Special function watches

The ultimate test of the functionality of watches reflects in the Divers/ Pilots’ watches specially constructed for use in marine and aviation. These watches are the epitome of capabilities of chronometers as it functions accurately in extreme conditions under the sea or in space. Pilots' watches have unique technical features like slide rules, tachymeters and other gauges that are relevant to their profession and divers' watches have distinctive features of high visibility and remain completely water resistant up to a depth of 50 meters. 

Visit https://40nine.com the official website of 40Nine watches to pick your choice with confidence as all watches come with two years warranty and waterproof qualities of divers' watches.

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Let Your Lifestyle Determines The Type Of Watch That You Must Wear

Let Your Lifestyle Determines The Type Of Watch That You Must Wear

When buying watches, you might face the dilemma of what to consider first when selecting watches. With so many factors to consider from the style of watchstrap to the style, the task can be quite daunting. Should you decide on the style first and then think about everything else later or should price be the first consideration? The answer is neither of these because the watch is an accessory that tells a lot about the person wearing it and it not only displays your style and tastes it also speaks about your understanding of the environment of the place where you wear it.  Not all watches are suitable for all occasions and all places. This is the reason that you must first sort out the issue about when and where you are wearing the watch and the move ahead in choosing the style that would be befitting for the occasion.

When and where would you wear it?

If you are going on a picnic or partying a day out with friends where you are likely to indulge in an uncontrolled outdoor activity like swimming and cycling, would you be inclined to wear a delicate looking metal watch? Surely not, because the watch does not suit the occasion and wearing it would send wrong messages to people about your senses. Similarly, when going for a business meeting, you would not like to have a large round piece of the object on your wrist that appears quite out of place.  As you understand, the lifestyle determines what kind of watch would suit you.

Every day watches

Watches that you wear every day must have the most versatile appearance so that it matches with most of the outfits that you wear. From the choice of the color of the watchstrap to the color of the dial and the style, everything must have high adaptable features so that it goes well with any attire. The general rule is to choose soft neutral colors and simple designs that have quick matching abilities with the surroundings. 40Nine has a wide collection of watches that you can look into for the watch that you want.

Reliable technology

Besides the outward looks, it is important to evaluate the technology of watches to assess how reliable it is. All modern watches use quartz movement, and 40Nine watches use the Japanese quartz movement that has the smoothest movement. The accuracy of motion is beyond any doubt. The consistent performance has contributed to the brand reputation as one of the most reliable watch brands today. The use of the latest technology and tools in watch assembly ensure that the watches are the best in its class.

Once you have decided how, where and when you would be wearing the watch, you gain clear vision about the style and the choice of colors. Even if you have some pre-decided notion do not miss the opportunity of looking at the range of 40Nine watches by logging on to https://40nine.com. The astounding variety and affordable price could make you change your preference for a more stylish watch.

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Top Features Every Man Should Look For In A Sports Watch

Top Features Every Man Should Look For In A Sports Watch

You simply love wearing the latest titanium sports watch around your wrist, which complements your distinct lifestyle like most men. In fact, industry experts hold the view that male consumers such as you are the primary catalyst behind the recent advancements of this unique product. Such chronometers are popular with this section of the population because the high-tech technology that goes into making such timepieces can help them carry out multiple tasks. However, when it comes to buying such a wristwatch from the market, you need to look out for the following distinct features to ensure you get your money’s worth:


This is a common yet important feature in all high-tech and durable titanium sports watches. Men usually set this component to go off at a particular time to remind them of an essential task that they need to carry out at that moment. Some of them also use this device to help them wake up in the morning.


The ability to determine the time it takes to complete a particular event or task is critical in the field of athletics. At times, a sportsman wants to know if he can run a certain distance within a specific duration or only wants to complete this task within a shorter period. This feature allows him to establish and accomplish the goals he sets for himself.


Most high-quality sports wrist watches for men that available in the market on credible websites like https://40nine.com/  enable the wearer to know the date via a rolling calendar besides telling him the time. This feature comes in very handy when you need to know what day it is without having to look for a wall calendar.


This unique feature on the dial of your sports chronometer can help you to read the time and date even in very dark conditions.


If you are passionate about traveling like most men, it is important to keep a compass with you at all times to ascertain your location at a particular moment. Having this feature on your wristwatch is convenient because it is usually very easy to lose a compass when you are outdoors.

Resistant to water

For men who love various water sports, swimming and boating, it is convenient for them to wear sports wrist watches that are resistant to water up to a certain level of immersion.


Since most men wear their sports wrist watches for a considerable period while at work or exercising, the straps on such chronometers should be comfortable and adjustable.

Industry experts say sports wrist watches are essential for men who love to the outdoors and are adventurous. These accessories complement their lifestyle and provide a touch of class to their personality. In fact, some watch manufacturers are also finding ways to install innovative technology like global positioning systems (GPS) in such chronometers to make them more functional. They are also putting light-emitting diodes(LEDs) to the dials of such timepiece to make it more visible to the user in dark conditions. This is the reason why such watches are popular among men and to check them out please visit https://40nine.com/ 

August 01, 2017 — Nadine Kluger
The Best Wrist Watches Need Not Be The Most Expensive

The Best Wrist Watches Need Not Be The Most Expensive

40NINE watches are a new take on modern, functional watches and designs. These are super simple designs that do away with all the clutter. Do not mistake these simple yet sturdy watches for basic! These may look overly simplistic, in reality, these have great chronographs, alarm features and synchronizing mechanisms that set them apart from other modern popular watch brands.

Back to basics

The 40Nine watches have a Basic Large and a Basic Small collection for every watch patron. Everyone likes the feel of a chunky, big watch and prominent face when he or she is out for partying or for an outdoor picnic. During formal dinners and cabinet meetings, small, sleek dials attract more attention. 40NINE is helping the new generation stay in touch with expensive time telling without burning a hole in their pockets.

A 40NINE must-have

SOLO is a watch you must own. This timepiece costs less than $50, and it is unique in its outlook towards time telling. This watch measures only 5 minutes at a time. Imagine measuring the flow of life, only five minutes at a time. SOLO does so because it has only one hand. That makes this design a truly one of a kind miracle from the house of one of the most famous watchmaking houses in the USA.

Blend your outdoor with the indoors

The dials are just ingenious. You can easily tell time in low light conditions, and you can splash around in the pool while wearing a 40NINE watch. The watches are water resistant up to 50 meters, and this gives you plenty of chance to swim, row, boat and play pool volley with your friends. Running from home to office on a rainy day will not be as much of pain, once you know your favorite watch is safe right there on your wrist.

Woo your kids

40NINE is a fantastic choice for children as well. The bright colors add an extra splash of fun to life. Your child will never again be late for class because 40NINE watches do not take a break. They always tell time accurately. Choose from the Basic 35 mm watch designs or Basic 43 mm watch designs. The variety of vibrant colors will brighten up your kids' day.

How does the watch run?

All the 40NINE watches use the smoothest Japanese Quartz movement. There is no doubt about the accuracy of these watches thanks to the excellent craftsmanship and the state of the art technologies available. The makers use the latest tools for the installation of the crystals, gears, and hands. The watches can run for years without any intervention. So, even if you misplace your warranty papers, do not fret. In all probability, you will not need them at all. 

40NINE defines the personal style and beautiful attire within a pragmatic budget. From school goers to office interns, anyone can now get his or her hands on an exceptional timepiece without curtailing other expenses. Always be one time, get your own 40NINE super saver wristwatch today at https://40nine.com/!

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How To Find The Best Watch For Your Next Buy?

How To Find The Best Watch For Your Next Buy?

What tells an elegant luxury watch from another cheap replica? The movement! The movement powers the watch and determines the designer status of any watch that exists today.

You can only see two types of movements in all famous watch brands - mechanical and quartz.

The mechanical movement is famous as "automatic." Although that may sound contradictory, this kind of watch does not use a battery. It rather derives the power from the wrist movement of the wearer. Thus, it converts the mechanical energy of your wrist movement to the mechanical energy of the hands. You do not need to change their batteries. You just need to wear them for an hour each day to charge their motors.

Automatic watches are timeless and cool

Watch collectors love their share of automatic watches simply because of their craftsmanship. They tend to have a longer lifespan. Many watch experts have found historical timepieces from shipwrecks that can still work with a little coaxing. These treasures are undoubtedly members of the "automatic" movement legacy. You can find mechanical watches at the 40Nine online store that will fit your bill for sure.

What about quartz movement?

Quartz movement came into being holding the hands of Seiko watches. This is one of the most famous watchmaking houses, whichhas defined and redefined the art of watchmaking. From conventional watches to high profile, exclusively collector's items, you can find every kind of watch at 40NINE. Unlike other brands, 40Nine does not focus on only one price range. You can find something for everyone at this online shop. You can shop for your entire family this Christmas right here and save big bucks.

SOLO: the newest trend in time telling from 40Nine

40NINE’s latest creation, SOLO uses just one hand to tell time. This is a one of a kind design at an incredibly affordable price range. Be it the 4th of July or a birthday celebration; this innovative design can make you the center of all attention without burning a hole in your pocket. The new model from the house of 40NINE moves its only hand at an interval of 5 minutes. Imagine watching your life in a breakdown of 5 minutes. SOLO is bound to change the way you think about life and time! Check out the latest variants and the oncoming designs on their official website.

Why should everyone shop for a good watch at least once?

Watches are not just tools for telling time. They are the perfect gift for your mother and father. They are the perfect surprise for your significant other. Watches are the best way to treat yourself to something special after a raise. Shopping for watches is a celebration that signifies a special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday. 40Nine is finally restoring the lost glory in watchmaking and shopping for handcrafted watches among all generations. Find the latest designs in big and small dials, know what is coming next and enjoy amazing discounts at https://40nine.com/.

August 01, 2017 — Nadine Kluger