Take a Look at The Most Desirable Watches of 2017 to Add Them to Your Collection!

Take a Look at The Most Desirable Watches of 2017 to Add Them to Your Collection!

People always like to follow the latest trends when it comes to fashion and accessories. Everyone wants to have the latest products and designs that are available in the market. One such fashion accessory which attracts the buyers is the wristwatch. Watches serve a purpose of giving the information of time and many more features like date and time as well as they also define the style statement of an individual.


Finish your makeover with a stylish looking watch


A good looking and stylish watch can always give that extra touch to the attire of a person. Watches are worn by people of every age group and gender. Kids and teenagers like to wear mostly sports watches. Men have their different choice of watches which includes classic, chronographs, luxury, and designer. Women want to wear designer and jeweler watch in general. Latest trends in watches include simple, minimal watches, funky mechanism chronographs, flat cases, visible mechanics, textile wristbands. The combination of a black dial with any watch is trendy among men these days. With such diversity available among the watches it becomes essential to select the one that could match one's personality.


Myriad range of trendy options


With so many options and designs available in the market it always becomes a tough job to choose the right one for an individual. Also with the trends changing from time to time, it is hard to keep track of the designs which are more popular on a given date. When it comes to choosing the right watch, which meets the needs of the ever-changing fashion and also easy on the pocket, https://40nine.com comes with a solution to this headache. This site is operated by universal watch company of Nevada.


Huge collection at its best


40nine provides various collections of latest and trendy watches. The company suggests design ideas to their suppliers from time to time and alters their designs and products according to the customer satisfaction. The design is very cool and sporty, and the items are available in different vibrant colors.The watches provided by them come majorly in 3 sizes for both men and women that are 35mm, 43mm and 45mm. All the watches have passed a water resistance test up to 50 meters. Al the watches are priced at an incredibly affordable price of $49 except the ‘Chrono Sport' which is priced at $99. Some of the categories that are provided on the site are basic small, basic large, eclectic, medium, large, extra-large, Chrono sport, and youth. 


Unique watches just for you!


40Nine provides desk clocks which have a very stylish design and they glow in the dark – the hands and markers. The youth and the eclectic category have some very colorful and fashionable design watches which are very popular among the teenage and younger customers. The standout product of the company is the one hand ‘Solo' watch. This watch has one hand timepiece that tells time in the increments of 5 minutes. This watch comes in the size of 43 mm and has performance stainless steel screw-down case with silicone rubber strap. The watches are also available offline at numerous stores across the United States.

October 25, 2017 — Greg Minassian
Give Your Wrist a Unique Look With Trendy Watches

Give Your Wrist a Unique Look With Trendy Watches

Watches are an essential fashion agenda in our daily lives. Be it students, teenagers, corporate people or people belonging to any other profession; they consider it very important to wear a watch in their wrists. Different people have the distinct fascination for watches. It is the love for watches which has made the various watch-making companies launch wide ranges of watches in the market nowadays. In short, we cannot deny the fact that watches add elegance and attitude to your fashion statement. They give you an optimistic outlook. The market keeps on launching watch designs every now and then, which become the latest trends of fashion.


Latest and trendy watches


There are many types of watches that are in trend nowadays. The different kinds of watches that are popularly used by all ages of people are chronograph wristwatches, chronograph sports watches, lifestyle watches, titanium sports watches, fashion watches, mechanical watches and much more.


Large dial watches


Nowadays, watches with large dials are trendy among the youngsters. The youth claims that these watches are unique and stylish in their own way. Earlier, wristwatches with large dials were popular among all age groups. However, as it happens with fashion trends, it keeps on rotating and changing and like a circle the older trends again become the latest ones. Similarly, watches with large dials that were once in style, and have become the newest trend among youngsters nowadays. 


What makes these watches with large dials so unique amongst others?

  • Anything large is noticed among other things very easily. They can be spotted easily, and it looks magnificent as well.
  • A large size always attracts the user manifold. Once the user is used to using large things, they wish to use items or goods of smaller sizes vanishes. People aim of achieving great heights in life. So is their wish in case of petty watches.
  • People in our society love to go with the trend. They follow film stars and other famous figures and try adopting their styles and trends. So, if any film or sports stars are spotted wearing watches with large dials, it draws the attention of the general mass, and that becomes the trend.


Where can you get the best large watches?


One of the best hubs where you can check out a vast collection of wrist watches with large, magnificent and trendy dials is https://40nine.com/.


Apart from the watches mentioned above, 40nine watches offer you a varied collection of watches that are undoubtedly eye-catching and are fashionable. Fashion watches are worth mentioning at this online store as they present to you the latest and most beautiful designs which make your wrist look incredibly gorgeous. They have a sexy appeal altogether which attracts its buyers.


When it comes to sports watches, the best options are available with 40nine, and these watches are made in such a manner so that they can withstand the physical damages and bruises they can go through in the middle of a game. They are made water-resistant so that they are spoiled due to rain.


Watches are not too expensive if you shop with https://40nine.com/, where watches are available at pocket-friendly prices.

October 24, 2017 — Greg Minassian