Give Your Wrist a Unique Look With Trendy Watches

Give Your Wrist a Unique Look With Trendy Watches

Watches are an essential fashion agenda in our daily lives. Be it students, teenagers, corporate people or people belonging to any other profession; they consider it very important to wear a watch in their wrists. Different people have the distinct fascination for watches. It is the love for watches which has made the various watch-making companies launch wide ranges of watches in the market nowadays. In short, we cannot deny the fact that watches add elegance and attitude to your fashion statement. They give you an optimistic outlook. The market keeps on launching watch designs every now and then, which become the latest trends of fashion.


Latest and trendy watches


There are many types of watches that are in trend nowadays. The different kinds of watches that are popularly used by all ages of people are chronograph wristwatches, chronograph sports watches, lifestyle watches, titanium sports watches, fashion watches, mechanical watches and much more.


Large dial watches


Nowadays, watches with large dials are trendy among the youngsters. The youth claims that these watches are unique and stylish in their own way. Earlier, wristwatches with large dials were popular among all age groups. However, as it happens with fashion trends, it keeps on rotating and changing and like a circle the older trends again become the latest ones. Similarly, watches with large dials that were once in style, and have become the newest trend among youngsters nowadays. 


What makes these watches with large dials so unique amongst others?

  • Anything large is noticed among other things very easily. They can be spotted easily, and it looks magnificent as well.
  • A large size always attracts the user manifold. Once the user is used to using large things, they wish to use items or goods of smaller sizes vanishes. People aim of achieving great heights in life. So is their wish in case of petty watches.
  • People in our society love to go with the trend. They follow film stars and other famous figures and try adopting their styles and trends. So, if any film or sports stars are spotted wearing watches with large dials, it draws the attention of the general mass, and that becomes the trend.


Where can you get the best large watches?


One of the best hubs where you can check out a vast collection of wrist watches with large, magnificent and trendy dials is


Apart from the watches mentioned above, 40nine watches offer you a varied collection of watches that are undoubtedly eye-catching and are fashionable. Fashion watches are worth mentioning at this online store as they present to you the latest and most beautiful designs which make your wrist look incredibly gorgeous. They have a sexy appeal altogether which attracts its buyers.


When it comes to sports watches, the best options are available with 40nine, and these watches are made in such a manner so that they can withstand the physical damages and bruises they can go through in the middle of a game. They are made water-resistant so that they are spoiled due to rain.


Watches are not too expensive if you shop with, where watches are available at pocket-friendly prices.

October 24, 2017 — Greg Minassian
Wrist Watches – Both Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Accessory

Wrist Watches – Both Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Accessory

A wrist watch is known for being a perfect accessory for any dress up. It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It can also enhance your personality level. Apart from telling time, you can simply flaunt your wrist watch owing to the great style, excellent features, and impeccable beauty. We all know the importance of time and even believe that time is equals to money. Moreover, this is the most obvious reason why most of the gadgets are designed with the inbuilt clock. For several years, we have been completely obsessed with defining time along with precision and accuracy. From the tab to laptops, you can get to see the time everywhere. Moreover, sometimes we feel that there is no use of wearing a watch to check the time as you can get a look while using the gadgets. However, do you know that today a watch is not just worn to check the timing? It reflects your personality and taste. 

40nine watches are designed to suit people of all types. Some people love formal, while other prefer funky looks. Sports watches are also a common choice for today's generation. Let’s discuss some of the common types of watches we have in store for you.

Small watches

We have the exclusive collection of 40nine small watches for daily wear. These are designed using high quality stainless and have high resistance to corrosion. Our watches are waterproof and ensure great longevity.

Extra large

These extra large 40nine watches come with big dials and offer a simple and formal look. For regular office goers, these watches are perfect. They come with a warranty of 2 years. The silicone rubber band is designed to fit every wrist, especially those who have huge build.

Chrono watches

These 40nine sporty watches are bright and funky in looks, and they are preferred not only by those who are involved in sports but also a common choice among today's youth generation. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions and perfect for daily wear and tear.

The classic watches

If you are one among those who are far away from the fashion world and always love to stay with your principles, then classic vintage watches are the best. They belong to the retro area and perfect for people with old-fashioned type personality.

Trendsetting watches

If you always love to stay in fashion, then you would love to remain in trend with some exclusive 40nine collection. Well, we keep on adding new trend-setting watches, which are exclusive and come in limited edition. These are pricey as compared to the other ones we have already discussed above, but the price you pay is worth the product you get.

If you want to purchase a watch of your type, then visit this store You can get an exclusive collection of wrist watches at economical prices. You can choose one by your occupation and personality. Filter the choice by your requirements. The prices are within affordable ranges, except for the classy trendsetting ones that are way beyond the usual price tags.

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The Best Wrist Watches Need Not Be The Most Expensive

The Best Wrist Watches Need Not Be The Most Expensive

40NINE watches are a new take on modern, functional watches and designs. These are super simple designs that do away with all the clutter. Do not mistake these simple yet sturdy watches for basic! These may look overly simplistic, in reality, these have great chronographs, alarm features and synchronizing mechanisms that set them apart from other modern popular watch brands.

Back to basics

The 40Nine watches have a Basic Large and a Basic Small collection for every watch patron. Everyone likes the feel of a chunky, big watch and prominent face when he or she is out for partying or for an outdoor picnic. During formal dinners and cabinet meetings, small, sleek dials attract more attention. 40NINE is helping the new generation stay in touch with expensive time telling without burning a hole in their pockets.

A 40NINE must-have

SOLO is a watch you must own. This timepiece costs less than $50, and it is unique in its outlook towards time telling. This watch measures only 5 minutes at a time. Imagine measuring the flow of life, only five minutes at a time. SOLO does so because it has only one hand. That makes this design a truly one of a kind miracle from the house of one of the most famous watchmaking houses in the USA.

Blend your outdoor with the indoors

The dials are just ingenious. You can easily tell time in low light conditions, and you can splash around in the pool while wearing a 40NINE watch. The watches are water resistant up to 50 meters, and this gives you plenty of chance to swim, row, boat and play pool volley with your friends. Running from home to office on a rainy day will not be as much of pain, once you know your favorite watch is safe right there on your wrist.

Woo your kids

40NINE is a fantastic choice for children as well. The bright colors add an extra splash of fun to life. Your child will never again be late for class because 40NINE watches do not take a break. They always tell time accurately. Choose from the Basic 35 mm watch designs or Basic 43 mm watch designs. The variety of vibrant colors will brighten up your kids' day.

How does the watch run?

All the 40NINE watches use the smoothest Japanese Quartz movement. There is no doubt about the accuracy of these watches thanks to the excellent craftsmanship and the state of the art technologies available. The makers use the latest tools for the installation of the crystals, gears, and hands. The watches can run for years without any intervention. So, even if you misplace your warranty papers, do not fret. In all probability, you will not need them at all. 

40NINE defines the personal style and beautiful attire within a pragmatic budget. From school goers to office interns, anyone can now get his or her hands on an exceptional timepiece without curtailing other expenses. Always be one time, get your own 40NINE super saver wristwatch today at!

August 01, 2017 — Nadine Kluger
How To Find The Best Watch For Your Next Buy?

How To Find The Best Watch For Your Next Buy?

What tells an elegant luxury watch from another cheap replica? The movement! The movement powers the watch and determines the designer status of any watch that exists today.

You can only see two types of movements in all famous watch brands - mechanical and quartz.

The mechanical movement is famous as "automatic." Although that may sound contradictory, this kind of watch does not use a battery. It rather derives the power from the wrist movement of the wearer. Thus, it converts the mechanical energy of your wrist movement to the mechanical energy of the hands. You do not need to change their batteries. You just need to wear them for an hour each day to charge their motors.

Automatic watches are timeless and cool

Watch collectors love their share of automatic watches simply because of their craftsmanship. They tend to have a longer lifespan. Many watch experts have found historical timepieces from shipwrecks that can still work with a little coaxing. These treasures are undoubtedly members of the "automatic" movement legacy. You can find mechanical watches at the 40Nine online store that will fit your bill for sure.

What about quartz movement?

Quartz movement came into being holding the hands of Seiko watches. This is one of the most famous watchmaking houses, whichhas defined and redefined the art of watchmaking. From conventional watches to high profile, exclusively collector's items, you can find every kind of watch at 40NINE. Unlike other brands, 40Nine does not focus on only one price range. You can find something for everyone at this online shop. You can shop for your entire family this Christmas right here and save big bucks.

SOLO: the newest trend in time telling from 40Nine

40NINE’s latest creation, SOLO uses just one hand to tell time. This is a one of a kind design at an incredibly affordable price range. Be it the 4th of July or a birthday celebration; this innovative design can make you the center of all attention without burning a hole in your pocket. The new model from the house of 40NINE moves its only hand at an interval of 5 minutes. Imagine watching your life in a breakdown of 5 minutes. SOLO is bound to change the way you think about life and time! Check out the latest variants and the oncoming designs on their official website.

Why should everyone shop for a good watch at least once?

Watches are not just tools for telling time. They are the perfect gift for your mother and father. They are the perfect surprise for your significant other. Watches are the best way to treat yourself to something special after a raise. Shopping for watches is a celebration that signifies a special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday. 40Nine is finally restoring the lost glory in watchmaking and shopping for handcrafted watches among all generations. Find the latest designs in big and small dials, know what is coming next and enjoy amazing discounts at

August 01, 2017 — Nadine Kluger