An Athlete’s Guide to Buying the Best Sports and Fitness Watch

An Athlete’s Guide to Buying the Best Sports and Fitness Watch

In the world of athletics and fitness, everyone, even the most gifted, understands the importance of performance metrics. Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer or a speed car racer, a sports watch is an important accessory that you need to have with you. The watch is designed to help you know your performance speed, the distance traveled, altitude, and above all your heart rate.

Therefore, sports watches have proven to be very crucial in an athlete’s life. But because the market has a lot to offer when it comes to sports watches, you might have a difficult time finding the right watch, especially if it is your first time getting one. This post is therefore meant to give you some tips on how to find the right watch (particularly a multisport one) for your sports career.

  • Find a water-resistant watch – Being an athlete means being exposed to different climates and different temperatures. Snow, ice, rain, sweat are can be part of your sporting environment, so you need a watch that will be able to function in all kinds of environments. Moreover, if you are a swimmer, this kind of watch would be the best watch for you to know how you are performing in the water.
  • Find a watch that is readable – You might have the coolest water-resistant watch in the world but it doesn’t make any sense if the watch is not legible. Though most sports watches have high contrast displays and big numerals, it is important that you pay attention to the watch’s legibility before making a purchase.
  • Consider the watch’s battery life – Sports watches come with either rechargeable or replaceable batteries. On the other hand, there are good watch batteries that are rechargeable but also replaceable in case they lose their ability to hold power. So, choose your sports watch battery depending on your own preference.
  • Find a watch that has important features for your sporty life – A heart-rate monitor, activity tracker, GPS tracking features, and speed and distance features are just but a few of the most important features to look out for when shopping for a sports watch.

For example, the heart rate monitor is important because it helps you know how effective your sessions are while the speed and distance monitors will tell you how long your activity has lasted in terms of distance and speed.

  • Last of all, find a watch that fits your budget – One of the biggest mistakes that we all make when we go shopping is failing for stick to our budgets. Therefore, when shopping for a sports watch, have a budget and stick to it. This way, you will have a certain range and you will have an easy time choosing watches that fit your budget.

With that said, be sure to do your research, check for variety of offers on different watches, consult different suppliers, and find a sports watch that meets your needs.

November 28, 2017 — Greg Minassian
Take a Look at The Most Desirable Watches of 2017 to Add Them to Your Collection!

Take a Look at The Most Desirable Watches of 2017 to Add Them to Your Collection!

People always like to follow the latest trends when it comes to fashion and accessories. Everyone wants to have the latest products and designs that are available in the market. One such fashion accessory which attracts the buyers is the wristwatch. Watches serve a purpose of giving the information of time and many more features like date and time as well as they also define the style statement of an individual.


Finish your makeover with a stylish looking watch


A good looking and stylish watch can always give that extra touch to the attire of a person. Watches are worn by people of every age group and gender. Kids and teenagers like to wear mostly sports watches. Men have their different choice of watches which includes classic, chronographs, luxury, and designer. Women want to wear designer and jeweler watch in general. Latest trends in watches include simple, minimal watches, funky mechanism chronographs, flat cases, visible mechanics, textile wristbands. The combination of a black dial with any watch is trendy among men these days. With such diversity available among the watches it becomes essential to select the one that could match one's personality.


Myriad range of trendy options


With so many options and designs available in the market it always becomes a tough job to choose the right one for an individual. Also with the trends changing from time to time, it is hard to keep track of the designs which are more popular on a given date. When it comes to choosing the right watch, which meets the needs of the ever-changing fashion and also easy on the pocket, comes with a solution to this headache. This site is operated by universal watch company of Nevada.


Huge collection at its best


40nine provides various collections of latest and trendy watches. The company suggests design ideas to their suppliers from time to time and alters their designs and products according to the customer satisfaction. The design is very cool and sporty, and the items are available in different vibrant colors.The watches provided by them come majorly in 3 sizes for both men and women that are 35mm, 43mm and 45mm. All the watches have passed a water resistance test up to 50 meters. Al the watches are priced at an incredibly affordable price of $49 except the ‘Chrono Sport' which is priced at $99. Some of the categories that are provided on the site are basic small, basic large, eclectic, medium, large, extra-large, Chrono sport, and youth. 


Unique watches just for you!


40Nine provides desk clocks which have a very stylish design and they glow in the dark – the hands and markers. The youth and the eclectic category have some very colorful and fashionable design watches which are very popular among the teenage and younger customers. The standout product of the company is the one hand ‘Solo' watch. This watch has one hand timepiece that tells time in the increments of 5 minutes. This watch comes in the size of 43 mm and has performance stainless steel screw-down case with silicone rubber strap. The watches are also available offline at numerous stores across the United States.

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Why Are Chronograph Sports Watches Popular Among Men?

Why Are Chronograph Sports Watches Popular Among Men?

Chronograph sports wristwatches have always been one of the most sought-after timepieces among men of all age groups, and professions who want exhibit their unique personality to the world.These are complex precision devices, but their primary function is to indicate the correct time to the person wearing it. These marine chronometers differ from typical men's wristwatches that you find in the market because they have a stopwatch feature within their dials.If you browse through 40NINEon the internet, you come to know that these wristwatches are very popular among aviators, sports personalities, astronauts, mariners, and military personnel. The experts of this famous chronograph wristwatch manufacturer point out the following uses and advantages of this type of chronometer over standard watches:

  1. Bigger dials and sporty appearance

In comparison to regular men's wristwatches, this chronometer has a much larger dial and provides a sporty look to the person wearing it on his wrist. This is one of the main reasons why it is prevalent among the men of all ages even if most of them do not know the function of many of the complex accessories on this wristwatch. To them, this watch just looks fabulous on their wrists.

  1. A convenient and functional stopwatch

With sporty chronograph wristwatch, you can just calculate the time it takes for you to reach your destination from your home. You just have to press a particular button on this timepiece to start the chronograph function when you leave your residence and stop it when you have come to the place you want to visit. It is possible for you to calculate the same time using an ordinary men's watch, but the procedure is slightly different. In such a case you need to write down the time at starting and end points on a piece of paper. Then, you need to subtract the second figure from the first to know the exact time it takes for you to travel.

If you read thoroughly, you will be aware that there are three smaller dials on the main dial of such a chronometer. The first small dial indicates the hour and minute of the day. The second is the second hand while the third displays the fraction of one second. The professionals of this wristwatch manufacturer go on to say that most chronograph model can operate efficiently for 24 hours in a day depending on the type of model you buy for yourself.

  1. Functions of a tachymeter

Most chronograph wristwatches available in the market have a tachymeter reading. This is a scale that is visible on the outer edge of the chronometer’s main dial. This device helps the person wearing such a wristwatch to calculate the time (in seconds) it takes to travel a distance of one kilometer and then conveniently convert it into hourly speed. Moreover, you can do this without having to calculate this speed on pen and paper.

To find out more about the functions, types, and advantages of chronograph wristwatches, do not hesitate to log on

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Generic vs. Branded Sports Watches - Which Should You Buy?

Generic vs. Branded Sports Watches - Which Should You Buy?

Do you want to gift your lady love something special on her birthday? Do you want to give something meaningful to her? Well, then definitely sports watches can be the best option. A watch can be said as one of the best ways of flaunting your style and fashion sense. Moreover, you will see most of the ladies prefer to wear watches, irrespective of the dress code. If she loves fitness and keens on sports, then sports one can be the best.

Specialties in sports watches

Sports watches come with heart rate monitor, calorie counter, step counter and several other features. Women's sports watches are unique in their way. The lovely bright colors make them the perfect piece around her delicate wrist. It is always suggested that you go for purchasing this type of watches from branded stores only. Do not settle down for the cheap ones as they may not able to deliver the accurate results. It is true that branded ones are quite costly, but they last longer and are real value for money products. If you search online, then you can also come up with high discount rates on these watches, especially during the festive seasons.

Shock resistance and water resistance watches

You can go for the shock resistant watches, which can withstand rough handling. If the dial gets hit on a solid surface, then the shock resistant feature will save your expensive watch from getting damaged. At the same time, they are also water hesitant, which means even if you accidentally drop any liquid on the dial or it gets wet in the rain, the watch will not get damaged. If she is involved in some sport like scuba diving, swimming, etc. where you need to get in touch with water, then looking for the water resistance feature is essential. Some of the other important features include a stop watch, alarm, barometer, digital compass, altimeter, Swiss digital movement, etc.

Factors to consider while purchasing

When it comes to buying a sports watch for your lovely lady, then make sure to check out for the warranty period, which differs from one brand to the other. If any mishap occurs to the watch during this time of warranty, then you can expect to get free service. Also, do not watch anything just keeping in mind the price tag. Of course, the price is a major factor. However, what is the use of purchasing a product which will become useless in few days? You can visit here to get branded sports watch for her today.

Difference between branded and generic sport watches

Many people wonder the need of purchasing branded sports watches instead of the local generic ones? Well, there are lots of differences between generic and branded sports watches. When it comes to women sports watches, then you cannot get an all-in-one option like men's sports watches. However, with branded women sports watches, you can also expect to get the best features. They are highly reliable and can provide you with many unique features as compared to generic ones.

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Know The Watch Styles To Select The Watch Of Your Choice

Know The Watch Styles To Select The Watch Of Your Choice

A watch for any occasion is what you can expect in the least when you are shopping for 40Nine watches. Whether you need to wear it for college or office or you want a big eye catching the piece on your wrist during outdoor activities or partying with friends and family, there is something on offer for you when you visit the official website of 40Nine watches. Watches can be expensive but not if you choose 40Nine that have a wide range of choices that can match every kind of budget.

Watches display your taste and style and have a connection to the budget that you have set aside for it. Since styles determine the price, it is therefore important to know the different styles of watches that are currently available, especially for the brand that you are looking for, so that you can narrow down the search and save time. The purpose of using the watch also determines the style like the sports watches or pilots and divers watches.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of the styles.

Sports watches

Sports watches have rugged construction so that it can withstand the heavy stress and strain in the sports arena and the size is big enough to make it prominently visible from a distance. The design is sturdy and takes care of the physical impact that it may have to undergo. The water resistant property of these watches is much higher than what you experience with other types of watches. To suit the needs of sportsmen, some watches have the capabilities of measuring the heart beat rate and a stopwatch feature is quite common. 40Nine Chrono Sport is a typical sport watch that you can buy under $100.

Fashion watches

Watches are fashion accessories, and it is, therefore, natural that some specially designed watches with more emphasis on aesthetics constitute fashion watches. These watches capture the style of the times and are most trendy in its appeal, inspired by current style trends.  The watch designs are highly innovative that help to stand out from the crowd. The price range of these watches is usually moderate to allow buyers to indulge in several pieces to mix and match with different outfits. Most of the 40Nine watches fit into this category, and the price is actually affordable being under $50 on average.

Special function watches

The ultimate test of the functionality of watches reflects in the Divers/ Pilots’ watches specially constructed for use in marine and aviation. These watches are the epitome of capabilities of chronometers as it functions accurately in extreme conditions under the sea or in space. Pilots' watches have unique technical features like slide rules, tachymeters and other gauges that are relevant to their profession and divers' watches have distinctive features of high visibility and remain completely water resistant up to a depth of 50 meters. 

Visit the official website of 40Nine watches to pick your choice with confidence as all watches come with two years warranty and waterproof qualities of divers' watches.

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