40nine Simple Elegant Watches


40nine is a line of watches that is purposely short on technology but big on style & design. Created as a reaction to the visual and technological clutter, this new line resonates with individuals looking for a simple, stylish, fun watch. The  best part is the affordable price of just $65-$85 lets customers collect a variety of styles.


The line is made of light weight, durable polymer based on two case sizes – the large is 43mm and the small is 35mm. All 40nine watches have quartz movements and are water resistant to 50 meters.


The Basic line is a simple, easy to read accurate timepiece that comes in 2 sizes with 18 combinations of face, case and strap colors.


The Solo is a one-hand watch that takes simplicity to the next level. It is based on the 43mm case, and comes in 5 case and strap color combinations.


Rounding out the 40nine collection is the 43mm Eclectic – fun and fanciful with a variety of eleven artful face designs and different case and strap color combinations.


40nine watches are a wonderful gift and self-purchase item.


All watches passed a water resistancy test up to 50 meters.

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Our manufacturer's products are completely RoHS-compliant, and the company has been granted ISO9001 certification, as well as BSCI and proofs of social responsibility. In addition, their factory is audited on a regular basis to insure protection of workers rights and maintain the highest labor standards. 

To order over the phone, please call us Monday through Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm PT at 800-360-2586.


The Bracelets

 For a long time I had the idea of making jewelry out of silicon rubber, I love the material we use it in making our 40nine watch straps.

The feel is extraordinary very soft feel like a babe skin. Coloros flexibility is amazing.

I just didn't have the concept, Now I do!

My first was to make bead bracelets in 3mm using silicon rubber.

I wanted a bracelet that will be very petite and easy to were but projects style and balance like Yoga.

Easier said than done, No one manufacturer 3mm silicone rubber beads. The smallest size they make is 9mm.

I asked how can I make my beads? Make a mold was the replay.

We made the mold but wanted to see the quality and capability of the manufacturer so we decided to start with 9mm beads while we are waiting for our coveted 3mm silicone rubber beads.   

The results are here and the best part is the price bracelets are $14 and Necklaces are $28 in 10 colors and 5-6 sizes for the bracelets and 3 sizes for the necklaces.

More colors sizes and designs will be created as we plan to expend our collections.

Raphael Cohen


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