The Best Wrist Watches Need Not Be The Most Expensive

40NINE watches are a new take on modern, functional watches and designs. These are super simple designs that do away with all the clutter. Do not mistake these simple yet sturdy watches for basic! These may look overly simplistic, in reality, these have great chronographs, alarm features and synchronizing mechanisms that set them apart from other modern popular watch brands.

Back to basics

The 40Nine watches have a Basic Large and a Basic Small collection for every watch patron. Everyone likes the feel of a chunky, big watch and prominent face when he or she is out for partying or for an outdoor picnic. During formal dinners and cabinet meetings, small, sleek dials attract more attention. 40NINE is helping the new generation stay in touch with expensive time telling without burning a hole in their pockets.

A 40NINE must-have

SOLO is a watch you must own. This timepiece costs less than $50, and it is unique in its outlook towards time telling. This watch measures only 5 minutes at a time. Imagine measuring the flow of life, only five minutes at a time. SOLO does so because it has only one hand. That makes this design a truly one of a kind miracle from the house of one of the most famous watchmaking houses in the USA.

Blend your outdoor with the indoors

The dials are just ingenious. You can easily tell time in low light conditions, and you can splash around in the pool while wearing a 40NINE watch. The watches are water resistant up to 50 meters, and this gives you plenty of chance to swim, row, boat and play pool volley with your friends. Running from home to office on a rainy day will not be as much of pain, once you know your favorite watch is safe right there on your wrist.

Woo your kids

40NINE is a fantastic choice for children as well. The bright colors add an extra splash of fun to life. Your child will never again be late for class because 40NINE watches do not take a break. They always tell time accurately. Choose from the Basic 35 mm watch designs or Basic 43 mm watch designs. The variety of vibrant colors will brighten up your kids' day.

How does the watch run?

All the 40NINE watches use the smoothest Japanese Quartz movement. There is no doubt about the accuracy of these watches thanks to the excellent craftsmanship and the state of the art technologies available. The makers use the latest tools for the installation of the crystals, gears, and hands. The watches can run for years without any intervention. So, even if you misplace your warranty papers, do not fret. In all probability, you will not need them at all. 

40NINE defines the personal style and beautiful attire within a pragmatic budget. From school goers to office interns, anyone can now get his or her hands on an exceptional timepiece without curtailing other expenses. Always be one time, get your own 40NINE super saver wristwatch today at!

August 01, 2017 — Nadine Kluger