How To Find The Best Watch For Your Next Buy?

What tells an elegant luxury watch from another cheap replica? The movement! The movement powers the watch and determines the designer status of any watch that exists today.

You can only see two types of movements in all famous watch brands - mechanical and quartz.

The mechanical movement is famous as "automatic." Although that may sound contradictory, this kind of watch does not use a battery. It rather derives the power from the wrist movement of the wearer. Thus, it converts the mechanical energy of your wrist movement to the mechanical energy of the hands. You do not need to change their batteries. You just need to wear them for an hour each day to charge their motors.

Automatic watches are timeless and cool

Watch collectors love their share of automatic watches simply because of their craftsmanship. They tend to have a longer lifespan. Many watch experts have found historical timepieces from shipwrecks that can still work with a little coaxing. These treasures are undoubtedly members of the "automatic" movement legacy. You can find mechanical watches at the 40Nine online store that will fit your bill for sure.

What about quartz movement?

Quartz movement came into being holding the hands of Seiko watches. This is one of the most famous watchmaking houses, whichhas defined and redefined the art of watchmaking. From conventional watches to high profile, exclusively collector's items, you can find every kind of watch at 40NINE. Unlike other brands, 40Nine does not focus on only one price range. You can find something for everyone at this online shop. You can shop for your entire family this Christmas right here and save big bucks.

SOLO: the newest trend in time telling from 40Nine

40NINE’s latest creation, SOLO uses just one hand to tell time. This is a one of a kind design at an incredibly affordable price range. Be it the 4th of July or a birthday celebration; this innovative design can make you the center of all attention without burning a hole in your pocket. The new model from the house of 40NINE moves its only hand at an interval of 5 minutes. Imagine watching your life in a breakdown of 5 minutes. SOLO is bound to change the way you think about life and time! Check out the latest variants and the oncoming designs on their official website.

Why should everyone shop for a good watch at least once?

Watches are not just tools for telling time. They are the perfect gift for your mother and father. They are the perfect surprise for your significant other. Watches are the best way to treat yourself to something special after a raise. Shopping for watches is a celebration that signifies a special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday. 40Nine is finally restoring the lost glory in watchmaking and shopping for handcrafted watches among all generations. Find the latest designs in big and small dials, know what is coming next and enjoy amazing discounts at

August 01, 2017 — Nadine Kluger