4 Types Of Watches A Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe!

Most men and women of today are abandoning watches as they check the time on their cell phones. They believe why should they wear a watch when they already can see the time on their cell phones. Many people are moving ahead with the times and opting for technology. They believe watches are no longer needed, so they have taken a backseat. However, when it comes to style and elegance, you do look incomplete without that watch on your hand say fashion experts!

Women have the innate urge to look good all the time. They ensure they have the right dress along with proper accessories- this includes their watches as well. Watch manufacturers today have gone one step ahead and now are creating timepieces that are no less than a stylish dress. This holds true for both men and women. However, when it comes to ladies, it is prudent for them to keep at least three to four watches in their wardrobes. They can wear them for different events and occasions.

Now the question that most ladies ask themselves is what are the essential watches that they should have in their wardrobe. The following are the four types of ladies watches that a woman must have in her wardrobe-

  1. Sports
  2. Jewelry
  3. Fashion and
  4. Classic

The older generation of women ensures they step out with a watch on their wrists. They choose the above timepieces as per the dress and occasion.

  1. Sports watches

When you are looking for a sports watch, you will find they are available in feminine colors like pastel nudes and pink. The functions of the sports watch give them timers, alarms and other monitors for activity and exercise. The price of the sports watches generally depends upon the features that it has.  Experts from https://40nine.com/ state that when it comes to sports watches, women mostly do not like to opt for black models- yellow, red and pink are their favorites. Most of the timepieces sold are waterproof, and they are ideal for under the water activities.

  1. Jewelry Watches

The second type of watches that women are fond of is jewelry watches. They are expensive as they are made of ceramic, gold and silver. They have stunning gemstones and diamonds embedded in them. The purpose of these precious stones gives the wearer charm and elegance. They are more of sophistication over function and worn in the evening for special events.

  1. Fashion watches

While the fashion trends change, you will find that the styles of ladies watch also change along with it. Watch manufacturers and designers keep a close eye on the fashion world and ensure that their models cater to the changing market demands and needs. These fashion watches are not too extravagant and showy. They can be used for daily wear with any outfit.

  1. Classic watches

These are simple and generally, have old designs and styles. They are highly functional and worn at the workplace by women.

Therefore, if you are a woman and still love wearing watches, ensure you have all four types of ladies watches in your wardrobe. To get them from a single platform at affordable prices, please visit https://40nine.com/

July 31, 2017 — Nadine Kluger