Back to basics

Revenge of simplicity


For our new line of 40NINE watches we are seeking to relieve you from the clutter that surrounds our lives these days.


In this collection we created the most simplistic designs in the spirit of the Bauhaus design movement.


With a unisex size of 43 MM, in our Basic large collection, and for those who prefer a smaller size watch, we created the 35 mm Basic small collection.


Our Basic small in 35 MM will assist the younger generation in telling time the conventional way.


We have worked on these designs for the last year and the results are fascinating.


And then we made SOLO the first one hand watch for $49.  It will slow the pace of life by measuring time five minutes at a time.


All watches passed a water resistancy test up to 50 meters.


June 10, 2017 — Raphael Cohen