Why You Should Invest in a Good Quality Watch Today!

An outfit is never complete without accessories. They add that extra spark and give you tons of personality. For men, the ultimate accessory is a watch. Not only does it tell the time, it does some other useful things such as telling you the date, being a stop watch and completing your outfit in an excellent manner. There are many types of watches. They can be categorized according to their cost, style, mechanism and technology. As long as the watch provides you with the information that you desire and complements your style, it is a must have. Today, we all walk around with smartphones that tell us the time. Therefore, it is common to some men say that they don't wear a watch because they have a phone. A watch is dedicated to telling the time and thus should be worn even if you have a phone. There are many reasons why modern men should wear watches. Read on to discover them.


A watch is highly convenient


A watch on your wrist is the easiest way to tell the time. At a glance, you can tell what time it is. If you had to do the same from a phone, you would have to first fish it out of our pocket or your bag. Depending on your outfit, this can be a hassle. A wrist watch is elegant and classy. You can use it to tell or keep track of the time as a meeting is going on. If you had to do the same using a phone, it would be very rude to the other people sharing the space with you. Also, there are some situations where it is proper decorum to conceal your phone. Examples are in church, at a funeral or even during a date. During these occasions, your wristwatch comes in very handy. As such, it is a convenient accessory to have.


It is a very functional accessory


Any item that has been inspired by military personnel is a functional item. Wristwatches were first used in the 19th century by soldiers. They used them to synchronize their maneuvers in the battlefield. Since then, it has been adapted by various professionals to perform a host of special functions. Divers use some specially designed wristwatches to descend hundreds of meters under the sea. These watches inform them of how many minutes of oxygen they have left as well as other details such as the atmospheric pressure that they are experiencing. Pilots also use wristwatches for the purpose of navigation and to tell the time across the various time zones of the world.


A major advantage of wristwatches over phones is that they are much more durable in the field. Good quality wrist watches can survive torrents of rain, knocks and scrapes. Moreover, they do not require frequent charging. Some watches are powered by the motion of your hand while others derive power from a battery. Except for a little wiping with a damp cloth every few days, a wristwatch is virtually maintenance free. Compared to a phone, it can survive environmental conditions much better.


One of the variants of wristwatches is called a complicated watch. This is one that has been built with more features than just telling the time. These special features are known as complications. A popular complication is the chronograph. This one allows the watch to have stopwatch ability. Another one is the moon phase complication. This one displays the lunar phase in the watch. These complications keep you well informed of your surroundings at just one glance.


Wristwatches are simply elegant


The most attractive wristwatches do not utilize the latest technology. They use an intricate system of clockwork to inform you of the time. This system of cogs predates electricity itself. Therefore, when you wear an automatic, minimalist watch, you are walking with a piece of highly valuable history on your wrist. A wristwatch also simply does its job, to tell you the time. Unlike a phone that will attract you to fiddle with a collection of applications, a wrist watch tells you exactly what you need to know without attracting you to do anything else.


They are very stylish


Wristwatches are designed in such a way that they are an attractive accessory. Men do not have much leeway to wear many accessories at the same time. The most they can do is wear a stylish pair of cufflinks, a watch and a wedding ring if they are married. Therefore, they can take advantage of the opportunity to wear a wristwatch and don one that indicates their personal style. Wristwatches indicate the personality of the man wearing them. They can show if a man prefers high class taste, is sporty, if he is an outdoorsman or if he is artistic. There is a style of wristwatch for every man. In addition to style, it indicates maturity. A well known saying is that boys check their phones for the time while men refer to their watches.




There are various designs and styles of wristwatches. These make the watch tell the time or even so much more. The above points indicate why you should wear one whenever you can. To a man, the wristwatch is a timeless accessory.

October 21, 2017 — Greg Minassian